The How To On Making Money As An Affiliate Marketer

How To Make Money As A Affiliate Marketer

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How To Make Money As A Affiliate Marketer


How To Make Money As A Affiliate Marketer The Legit Way


Find out how to Make Money as a Affiliate Marketer the Legit Way. The first steps to really succeed at an Affiliate Marketing Business is to join a reputable online program that doesn't include Upsells or Scams. Whether you are a beginner to Affiliate Marketing or been doing this for a while, receiving the best Training and Support is to key to succeeding! I really can't figure out why so many people think it's possible to become a millionaire overnight using "so-called" foolproof systems! There's no such thing anywhere in life and the only people that prosper from these get rich schemes are the operators themselves!


The How To On Making Money As An Affiliate Marketer


There is normally the right way of doing things, then there is the WRONG WAY! Learning the how to on Making Money as an Affiliate Marketer is entirely dependant on how we are trained. Getting the "good oil" right from the beginning is the best way to start an Internet business to ensure you with picking up good habits to last a lifetime. Everybody can succeed in their chosen profession and to do really well is just a matter of getting the right direction...

To Make Money As A Affiliate Marketer

Below I'm going to give you inside tips on how to become a successful affiliate marketer. The core areas we will be going over include "must have" info that every aspiring Internet Marketer that want to make Money Online should read.


  • Website Speed and Google Rankings
  • Training and Tools Needed To Succeed Online
  • Keywords Finder and Professional Keyword Tool
  • Why People Fail at Their Internet Business
  • What Is Affiliate Marketing All About? (For Beginners)
  • Affiliate Program to Promote That Pays Top Commissions
  • Advertise ClickBank and Shareasale Adds to Make Money
  • How Much Money Can We Expect To Earn As A Affiliate Marketer


 How To Get On The First Page Of Google A lot Easier


Getting on the first page of Google has just become easier to give an edge over our competitors! Most Marketing Platforms require you to build a website online to promote items. The more people that click on the site, the more products we can sell. Wealthy Affiliate has just released exciting news that will blow our rivals out of the water! SITE SPEED was just launched on the 3rd of May and is designed to give websites a 97 score in Google PageSpeed Insights. Most websites only score around the 70 mark and according to the latest Google updates, they will rank faster loading sites above others. As well as Site Speed, Wealthy Affiliate Members also enjoy FREE SSL certificates, free website hosting, and free privacy settings. Below is a capture of what you can expect hosting a website as a member.

Included free when Hosting a website at wealthy affiliate

Website Speed Loading Time

Google has also stated that having a secure website (SSL)  will allow you to rank above non-secured sites!

Learn How To Get Top Google Rankings Here!

Learning how to do SEO for top Google Rankings is quite a complex subject but is well worth the effort to master. Gaining good Organic Search Traffic to our websites is what keeps an Online Business, profitable. You can learn more about Search Engine Ranking Tactics on my SEO Website, here!

Every Training Tool Is Included To Make Money Online

Expert Support And The Ability To Ask Questions
Up To Date Easy To Follow Training Videos
Free Keyword Tool To Find Long Tail Keywords
Build And Host Upto 24 WordPress Websites

the tools needed for affiliate marketing

You must have all the tools needed for Affiliate Marketing in order to succeed with this type of Online Business. Different types of programs have passable training when it comes to vital tools, but on the average, most full short with their Affiliate Marketing training and tools. Added to this problem are the extra charges applied to access them with their Free Courses.


The Best Tools For Affiliate Marketing


  • A free course that includes a website, high-speed hosting, and training.
  • 24/7 website support with quick response times.
  • Free Keyword Tool to find keywords.
  • 24/7 support and help areas with fast reply times.
  • Feedback Platform to monitor your progress and offer advice.
  • Training Videos and weekly SEO Webinars to access


Unfortunately, most Online Programs fall way short of providing everything you need to run a successful Affiliate Marketing Business. Some High-End Courses charge an upfront fee of $2000 and above do provide most tools needed, but if you decide to pull out, your investment is gone! Click here to get all the tools and training needed for less than a cup of coffee per day.


How To Find The Best Keywords For Your Website


Finding keywords for your website is no easy feat but a step to making this process work to your advantage is by using a professional keyword finder like Jaaxy. It is impossible to get organic traffic without using search phrases that people are typing into their search bars. When I first started my online business, my keyword search was a bit hit and miss using a free the keyword tools available online. I soon realized after a lot of "headaches" that Google has a miscellaneous listing section. These were listings that did not fit any specified keyword terms and consequently, did not bring any visitors either. This was a really stressful time until It finally dawned on me!


How To Get Traffic To A Website


How I come up with a fix! After countless hours of online research looking at keyword finder tools, I took the plunge and joined the one that offered more "bang" for my dollar. That was 3 years ago now and I have never looked back. Just goes to show that trying to save a few dollars with keyword research when you are trying to make money online is just plain crazy!

The Best Seo Keyword Research Tool


The Jaaxy Keyword Tool is your one-stop shop for finding low competition keywords that will bring traffic to your website. Using the Best Seo Keyword Research Tool that outrivals some of the best search phrase tools online for the price makes a lot of sense. Tagged as the Worlds Most Advanced Keyword Tool, you can get the Pro-Version for less than a cup of coffee per day which has to be the deal of the Century.


What Does Jaaxy Include:


  • State of the art software that allows you to find low competition keywords. You can also save keywords to multiple lists and has a handy Brainstorm Function.
  • Keyword Search History and handy Brainstorming tips for related, searchable keywords.
  • Exclusive to Jaaxy! search for keywords with the Jaaxy alphabet soup tool. These are the drop-down keyword phrases that appear in true listings of Google.
  •  SiteRank is a Jaaxy Tool that allows you to monitor and check your ranking in Google, Yahoo, or Bing for ANY website! Allows you to search competing websites with a detailed analysis of their backlink ranking and Alexia Score.
  • Find great keyword related Domain names that come with FREE High-Speed Website Hosting, HTTP'S Security Badges, Privacy Settings, The Jaaxy Keyword Tool, and own Email Platform.
  • Specialized Inside Training on how to find New Affiliate Marketing Niches without doing all the dirty work.

==>>Try Jaaxy For Free<<==

The How To On An Seo Keyword Research Tool

Finding great keyword search phrases for your website has just got a whole lot easier. There are a few rules to follow when learning the how to on an SEO Keyword Research Tool but once you've familiarized yourself with them, getting low traffic keywords will be a breeze.


The Best SEO Keyword Research Tool


When deciding what searchable phrases the top 2 keyword terms above are pretty good. If you look at the middle phrases compared to the top there the ones I wouldn't use. The reason for this is that keywords MUST make perfect natural sense. Keyword phrases have got to make sense and need to be understood by the search engines. Follow the quick guide below on how to find the best keywords for your site.


How To Pick Seo Keywords:


  • Go for keywords that make perfect natural sense and can be used naturally within a sentence.
  • Choose ones that are below 50 QSR'S (Quoted Search Results) Number of websites competing for the same keyword.
  • The KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator) Green is fine for this one. Orange means poor quality and Red should be avoided.
  • I always go for an SEO score that's above 90. The higher the better as the SEO Rating is based on traffic and competition of the keywords.


SEO Keyword Tips:


I still get a big "Buz" finding low competition keywords with a good traffic scope. Only pick SEO friendly keyword phrases that make perfect natural sense when used within a sentence. You can also rank for more than one search term for your keywords! Say you have discovered a great low competition keyword like, How To Find Top Keywords For A Website. There are 6 combinations this phrase can rank for as shown below.


  1. To Find Top Keywords For A Website
  2. Find Top Keywords For A Website
  3. Keywords For A Website
  4. To Find Top Keywords
  5. Find Top Keywords
  6. Top Keywords


To find SEO keywords for a website is not Rocket Science but you do have to use a professional tool like Jaaxy. Why not check the stats out for yourself and punch the top title in and then take a word away each time. You'll be amazed to see the results!

Free 30 Searches On Jaaxy ===>>HERE<<===

The Reason Why Most People Fail To Make Money Online!

success and failures at online marketing
Main Reasons People Fail Online

What Is The Biggest Reason Why People Fail To Make Money Online?

The biggest reason people fail to make money online can be put down to one thing, GREED! This may seem a bit harsh but in reality, this ugly word is the undoing of many. For some reason, folks expect instant online fortunes to leap into their bank accounts for minimal efforts.  If we stop and have a think about this for a minute, Is this the way the World really works!? Below I have created a list for you about the other ways we can do our money online...

The Main Reasons Why People Fail At Success

Each time a person fails, they move on to the next online program to search for their instant fortunes. Money spent and time wasted, it must be a "scam" I do declare, I won't be tricked the next time...
If you can see a pattern emerging here, you are truly smart as a wise owl.

The true problem lies with online operators that can charge you with constant upsells to progress through the different levels of learning. Wealthy Affiliate does not hit you with upsells which applies to both the Free membership and Premium Memberships.

  • Promises of instant Fortunes If You Join.
  • Constant Upsells To Complete Different Levels.
  • Not Enough Support Structures When You Get Stuck.
  • Takes Days To Recieve A Reply For A Asked Question.
  • Extra Charges For Online Tools To Run The Business.

What Is A Affiliate Marketing Business About

Affiliate Marketing is all about reviewing and rating products that people buy online every day. Folks rarely seek information directly from the Product Companies Website because they are quite generic and don't offer people experience and views about the products. Instead, they jump on Google and search for sites that have relative product information on. Billions of searches like this take place each day and its predicted the amount of money spent on Affiliate Websites is tipped to be 4 Trillion Dollars by 2020.


What Is A Online Affiliate Marketing Business About


The diagram above is how Affiliate Marketing Works. Customers visit your website to look at product ratings and reviews. They then click on an affiliate link which leads to Amazon where the product is purchased and you make commissions. This is the most popular business model online and you can easily make Five Thousand Dollars a month with just one Niche Website.


The Best Affiliate Program To Make Money

There are many ways to make money as an Online Marketer. The best affiliate programs to make money from must include Top Commissions which are paid regularly into your Bank Account. I'm only going to recommend 1 platform in particular here because they offer a free membership to check out. making money from affiliate programs can be very lucrative, but you do need the right platforms for this to happen! Only join Affiliate Programs that offer a totally free membership to check out. There are literally hundreds of Online Marketing Opportunities and paying up to $100 just to find out it won't work is just a waste of money! My NUMBER ONE Affiliate Program to promote is down below and is FREE To Join.


How Much Money Can You Make With Wealthy Affiliate?


How Much Money Can You Make At Wealthy Affiliate

The rate paid per each person referred to Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best in the Industry. As a free member, you can earn $11.75 a month for each new referral. If you decide to join up as a paid member, you can make $23.50 for each new member that joins up with the Premium Membership. The 7 stage Bootcamp training is also available to free members and includes two free websites and hosting.

How To Make Real Money Online For Free

Getting the chance to Learn how to make Real Money Online for FREE is quite rare on the Internet! You'll have to travel far and wide to even come close to a "deal" like this that also includes 2 WordPress Websites, 25 Themes to choose from, and comes with 24/7 Site Support and Hosting. The 7 Module Training is the ultimate guide on how to make money online.


What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp About

The Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Training is a complete guide on the how to of making money online for free that suits beginners and expert marketers alike. This fab 7 stage course consists of easy to follow lessons in video format with tick off stages as you progress... 

==>>Click Here To Earn Real Money For Free<<==

How To Make Money Online With Clickbank

As an Affiliate Marketer, you can also make money a by joining programs like Clickbank, ShareASale, and CJ affiliate

How To Generate Revenue On A Website

This all works by getting Ads to place on your website and when people click on your links, you receive a commission. If you've had a look at my sidebar, you'll notice I have my own ads placed there. These can be great extra money earners as your website starts to gain more traffic. I use the top 3 companies and joining as an Affiliate is quite a simple process. People kind of expect to see these types of ads on a site as all the top Authority Websites have them. It's kinda strange but not having them can often send out a subconscious trigger that your site is not trustworthy or worth their time!

How Much Do Affiliate Marketers Make

Affiliate Marketing can be very profitable and just one Affiliate Website can earn anywhere from $2000 to $20, 000 a month. If your willing to put in the effort, the sky's the limit! This is just one website... Imagine if you had 2, 3, or 4. Anything is possible online and like any business that's worth owning, trying and not giving up is the "secret recipe" to succeeding.


How To Get A Free Trip To Las Vegas!


Receive a FREE all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas for referring new people to Wealthy Affiliate. Pretty cool ah! This happens each year and you could be going there if you bring in 300 new people.


How To Get A Free Trip To Las Vegas 


No other Online Program offers an opportunity to head towards Las Vegas for free and you can read more about this exciting offer, here!


Get invaluable help and support when you need it to create a Successful Home Business with free Mentorship offered by me! Have you ever thought of firing your boss and work for yourself? There's no time like the present to begin making money sooner...
No Credit Card Details Needed To Start
Click here to get started today!

We'd Love To Hear Your Thoughts Below...

Thank you for visiting, How To Make Money As A Affiliate Marketer. Have you been disappointed with Online Marketing Opportunity Platforms that don't deliver what they promise? Did they allure you with promises of instant fortunes and found out this was not true? If you have any questions you would like to ask, please leave your responses below and I'll get back to you in a Jiffy.
Your friend, Jeff. 😃

28 thoughts on “How To Make Money As A Affiliate Marketer

  1. Hi, Jeff
    I have been searching online for a legit training platform for the last 4 weeks. I did notice whilst looking, there are a lot of suspicious programs that are on the net. I had a good look at The Amazon and eBay Affiliate Courses but there seemed to be a lot of upsells with different levels of learning.
    Wealthy Affiliate has got me intrigued as I have never seen a marketing company that does not include various types of upgrades that come with their packages.
    Just to make sure I’ve understood your information If I join the premium membership, All the training, and tools all come with the monthly fee? I find this incredible value of what I have seen online that is on offer…
    Thanks, Amir.

    1. Most online platforms that are on the net today, do include lots of upsells. Whether it’s an upgrade to complete the different training levels or to use vital tools, and updates to your website. All these added extras soon add up and in most cases can be as high as $120 per month.
      The Wealthy Affiliate Monthly Premium Membership of $49 includes all tools, training, website health improvements, Site technical support, 24/7 professional help, and free website hosting facilities.
      I would join the free membership to start because you can get the first month to all the training and tools for only $19.
      Best regards, Jeff.

  2. It is incredible that Wealthy Affiliate does not include any upsells at all! Most online programs I have seen on the net include upgrades to complete different levels of the training. The free tools that are included in the premium membership are amazing and I like the idea of how the affiliate marketing courses work. I also see there is a Bootcamp course which looks like a added bonus.
    I also don’t want to join if there is a lot of spamming going on within the community.
    If I join the free membership first, will I be forced into signing up to be a premium member all the time? I look forward to your reply as I’m serious about starting an online career.
    Thanks, Bibian.

    1. There are definitely no upsells other than Premium membership, but it is perfectly ok if you want to stick with Starter Membership.
      Wealthy Affiliate is a spam and scam free environment and people that do this are banned. The free membership is a great place to start if you’re serious about an online marketing career.
      Best regards, Jeff.

  3. Hi SEO Jeff,
    Thank you for all the information. I really appreciate it. I am very interested in the Online Training you were mentioning. Can you tell me a little bit more about how much does it cost to join and are there any upsells and stuff? I have seen this a lot.
    Thank you in advance for your response. I am looking forward to it, because I’m really looking for a way to earn money on side and so far I have been facing scam after scam. Thanks again for a great article. I might even apply for this one.
    Kind regards,

    1. Wealthy Affiliate cost $49 per month and everything is included for you to start making money online. The only upgrade when you join for free is a invite to get the premium membership for only $19 for that month. You don’t have off course, but it will save you $30 if you’re planning on joining the premium membership anyway.
      Scammers and spammers are not tolerated at Wealthy Affiliate and are quickly banned.
      Best regards, Jeff.

  4. I have been looking for a place where to get info on how can I start an online business. Seems to me that I have come to the right place!
    This is great that I can join free to look around and learn and can ask questions as well from the other people who are already in the Wealthy Affiliate community.
    How long can I stay free community member and when do I have to pay? How many community members are with Wealthy Affiliate?
    With regards,

    1. Wealthy Affiliate is a truly unique online learning platform that has over 700, 000 members. Help is never far away if you get stuck and answers are given to your problem in a timely manner. The free membership is available for as long as you desire and is completely free for this duration.
      There is a 7-day time limit on the ability to ask questions to the community but you can reach me at my profile page anytime. If you join through me, I can guarantee if you get stuck, there are plenty of my friends at Wealthy Affiliate that will be more than willing to help.
      Best regards, Jeff.

  5. I was so impressed with Wealthy Affiliate and think it is so awesome. When you look at the fact, in that there is no start up cost, it is like test driving a car for free to see if you are really interested or not I mean that is just so amazing. The community is awesome, the training is great and the tools are wonderful and know that which have just got the first page of Google. This is why wealthy Affiliate is above the competition.

    1. You do need a top rated training course to make money online. The free membership is always welcome, especially when no credit card details are required. A lot of online platforms get you to join for free, then immediately hit us with upsells! You couldn’t get better training anywhere online where every tool is included. I love to hear that you secured a number 1 position on Google, well done!! This is good proof that Wealthy Affiliate really works.
      Best regards, Jeff.

  6. Wow, that article was so good, and unique in quality content that I’m getting really exited. I have been looking for ages for an online opportunity. There are so many out there that include upsells for every level of training. So if I understand correctly, all of this is really included in a basic $49 per month package. Glad I’m going to get on board with this man! How much extra work is involved to start making money at Wealthy Affiliate?

    1. That’s absolutely correct, Andrew. Wealthy Affiliate rates the best for online training because every tool needed to succeed online is included in the price. A good comparison of marketing platforms on the net today can see you paying up to $120 per month outside Wealthy Affiliate.
      The great thing here is you can join for free without paying any money to have a good look around. You can stay a free member indefinitely and includes two websites and hosting with training videos on how to set up a website. You can still make money this way but if you’re serious about making real money online, then I would say 3 Hours a day would work!
      Best regards, Jeff.

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